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What can I do on TrainerFair?

Connect with co-trainees and trainers

TrainerFair makes a long journey short. We have them: experts, trainers, coaches, scientists, speakers. TrainerFair offers knowhow for all who do not want to be left behind. Here you can learn from others -- and everyone learns from the best. Keep an ear to the ground and stay in touch also after a course. And use the access to your course material at just the moment when you need it most.

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Learn from the best trainers

Save time when searching for the right trainer. TrainerFair shows you who is best. We bring transparency to the market. Read what others say, and leave your opinion about trainers (and trainings). Remember, it is the trainer who makes the difference in a training.

Discover Awesome Trainings

There is time left in your agenda? Find available seats at trainings in your vicinity. Browse and find out what you always wanted to learn. Get to know your trainer before spending money.

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Let TrainerFair manage your bookings

Are you a trainer? We at TrainerFair give you support with displaying your trainings, with booking clients, with invoicing and payment.. Upload your profile, attract new participants and get visible in broader markets than you are currently in. Present your in-house offerings to firms and win contracts.