1st International Corporate Learning Conference on Innovation


2 Day Seminar

Course Content Description

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Almost all companies want to grow through innovation. Only a handful, however, seem to capture innovation in a way that stimulates growth. Why is this?

One of the main reasons is that innovation is very often considered to be an R&D or a Business development domain – HR hardly ever comes into play. Innovation, however, can only successfully be implemented if it is done holistically. And if HR plays a major role from the very beginning then there is more chance of creating the ideal raw materials and conditions for innovation. And within HR it’s mainly L&D (Learning and Development) and OD (Organizational Development) who are crucial in implementing a culture of innovation. For very simple reasons: If you do not have the necessary capabilities, you cannot become innovative.

So, what’s the role of L&D and OD in this area? And how does it all go together? This is what we focus on in our first international conference.

  • We will visit the pioneers of innovation in several large and small companies to gain insights on success factors and pitfalls around innovation.
  • We will hear from L&D and OD managers and Heads of Innovation how they have managed - and also struggled - to land the necessary innovation capabilities in their companies. (or: to implement a culture of innovation).
  • Finally we will get to see the latest trends/insights into Leadership development and how this can trigger an avalanche of innovation.

Join us on this journey to understand the bigger picture of innovation and see how you can support your organization in becoming one of the companies who can actually capture innovation.

Learning Objectives

· Hear about the various facets of innovation
· Gain hands-on experience of business innovation
· Learn how you can implement a culture of innovation in your organisation
· Understand the repercussions on leadership development
· And, last but not least, share and generate new insights and – have fun

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